July 27, 2017

How Do Online Customers Feel?

October 10, 2008 Bill Ives

What are consumers saying about the web? A recent Harris Interactive survey highlights trends in online transactions and the opportunities for companies that focus on improving these online customer experiences. It was sponsored by Tealeaf. The survey focused on consumer transactions on shopping, banking, travel and insurance websites. It was […]

PR For Your Online Business

September 12, 2008 Danny Brown

Whatever business you’re in, press releases and PR campaigns can be a crucial factor in your success. Sure, your core business – customers, employees and profits – are the most important areas as far as maintaining a healthy business; yet if you overlook the PR angle, you may find that […]

No Credit Card? No Problem.

August 1, 2008 Frank Reed

Since I learned earlier this month about the Chinese and their dedication to workarounds regarding blogging, I have looked for other things that this ancient culture is doing to move itself into a modern economic powerhouse. I used to think that it would be best for my kids to learn […]

Video Influence On ECommerce

June 25, 2008 Greg Howlett

There were a few presentations from Internet Retailer about video that piqued my interest. Dave Witzig from ShopNBC discussed the impact of video on their highly successful ecommerce site and made some very strong statements that should be of interest to everyone. 1) Product videos should be your focus. ShopNBC […]

Battle Between Fixed Prices And Auctions

June 6, 2008 Savio Rodrigues

Very interesting post from Nick Carr re. eBay’s auctions vs. fixed price selling. In a nutshell, Carr, and BusinessWeek, state: “eBay’s auctions are “a dying breed.” Buyers and sellers are reverting to the traditional retailing model of fixed prices” BusinessWeek goes on to state: “Sales at Amazon.com (AMZN), the leader […]

EBay’s Lawsuit Against Craigslist

May 2, 2008 Jordan McCollum

The public version of eBay’s lawsuit against craigslist was filed this week, with a number of redactions (legal for ‘censored bits’) removed from the official filing, at the request of craigslist (which include the exact number of shares that eBay owns, the exact proportions of shares that others hold, etc. […]

Wal-Mart Pulls SonyBMG & WMG Downloads

April 4, 2008 Bruce Houghton

WalMart.com has gone mp3 only without product from SonyBMG and WMG. EMI and Universal catalog has been available DRM-free on the site since late summer. According the the site: Wal-Mart Music Downloads Now Available in MP3 Only We are no longer offering songs in WMA format and are focusing on […]

Top Online Retailers In January

March 14, 2008 Doug Caverly

Following the holiday bonanza, January can be a dead month for many retailers. Recent numbers from Nielsen revealed the ten companies that best survived (in terms of online conversion rates) the quiet time. Other businesses should be able to learn something from the retailers’ success, although, to be fair, there […]

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