August 17, 2017

Shopify Makes it Easier to Sell on WordPress Sites

June 2, 2016 Chris Crum

Shopify announced the launch of new themes and a new plugin for WordPress to make it easier to sell on WordPress sites. Both the themes and plugin are free. You can use them to add products to any of your pages or blogposts without leaving the content management platform. “As […]

Meet Radial, The New eBay Enterprise

June 2, 2016 Enterprise Ecommerce

eBay Enterprise is no longer eBay Enterprise. If you hadn’t heard, eBay sold it to a consortium including Sterling Partners, Longview Asset management, and Innotrac  last year. Now, the rebranding has been announced as eBay Enterprise has merged with Innotrac to become Radial, which touts itself as the biggest omnichannel […]

Pinterest Rolls Out Buyable Pins on Android

May 31, 2016 Chris Crum

Pinterest announced that it is starting to roll out Buyable Pins on Android in the United States. The feature was first launched on iOS at the end of June. According to the company, there are already over 60 million buyable Pins. In addition to Android availability, Pinterest announced the Pinterest […]

Periscope for eCommerce: Ready, Set, Broadcast

May 30, 2016 Sara Downey Robinson

Periscope for eCommerce: A Perfect Pair The early adopter gets the worm. Periscope has something like 10 million users. However, nowhere near that many are online streaming broadcasts, so if you are creating compelling, kick ass content, then you actually have a chance of rising above the noise on Periscope. […]

3 eCommerce Marketing Automation Systems Compared

May 28, 2016 Mike Belasco

Adding a marketing automation system to your eCommerce marketing arsenal is typically a worthwhile, high ROI effort and is a mandatory part of Inbound Marketing for eCommerce. But given the plethora of marketing automation systems available, which is best for your business?

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