July 27, 2017

Benefits of Data Visualization Benefits in 2017

May 24, 2017 Enterprise Ecommerce

The challenge for businesses is how to interpret and break down big data in a manner that is easily understandable not just from top to bottom of the organization, but also for their clients as well. This is where data visualization comes in. The internet—or at least Google, Facebook, Microsoft, […]

eCommerce and Retail Seeing Results with AI Chatbots

May 10, 2017 Enterprise Ecommerce

Facebook continues to develop AI chatbots to aid e-commerce and retail companies grow their businesses at a minimum cost to tech innovations. Chatbots are certainly not new. People who dial 1-800 numbers have talked to these smart assistants at one point or another. However, innovations in this technology have made […]

Online Retailers Need Split Second Performance

May 4, 2017 Enterprise Ecommerce

It goes without saying that website performance is crucial to online retailers for maintaining customer engagement and completing online transactions. Any delays of content delivery or slow load times will certainly impact online revenue. But as Akamia’s recent State of Online Retail Performance report shows, seconds…even milliseconds, matter. The data, […]