July 27, 2017

Bridging of Retail and eCommerce Becoming a Shopify Reality

April 24, 2017 Enterprise Ecommerce

“Retail is not the same. Shopify is enabling merchants to do everything, from anywhere.” – Lynsey Thorton, Shopify Director of User Experience Design at Unite 2017 Conference Shopify’s newest product announcement by Satish Kanwar, VP of Product, can be described as their certainty of eCommerce and retail becoming one. The […]

Mobile Web Shopping Getting Google Image Search

April 18, 2017 Enterprise Ecommerce

Google recently launched “Similar Items,” a rich product feature for Google Image Search. The new feature enables users to browse and shop inspirational fashion photography and find product information about items they’re interested in. Similar Items is an obvious competitor to Pinterest and users will find the feature familiar. Using […]

Online Shoppers Take Mobile To The Stores

April 6, 2017 Enterprise Ecommerce

Today’s consumers have become so reliant on eCommerce for every stage of the buying process that shoppers are simply going to retail stores a lot less often. But when shoppers do find themselves in stores, their trusty mobile device is still helping to determine what they buy and how they […]